Are Your Dentures Uncomfortable?

Often, our clients make the switch to New You Dentures because their traditional dentures cause too many problems. When dentures don’t fit properly or aren’t secure on your gums, they can be uncomfortable. In addition to discomfort, ill-fitting dentures can cause lisps or speech discrepancies. Unfortunately, our friends and family sometimes misconstrue these speech issues as signs of old age. With better dentures, you’ll take back your youthfulness.

On the other hand, professional dental teams created New You Dentures specifically for comfort and reliability. Whether you use  them as a removable or implant dentures, they will fit your mouth snugly, giving you a comfortable, beautiful smile.

New You Dentures Make You Look and Feel Younger

Without the right set of dentures, chewing and eating are difficult. You may even have to take your dentures out to eat your favorite foods. Both the discomfort of the dentures themselves and this lengthy process of removing dentures can make you feel older.  Instead, feel young again with the support of New You Dentures.

Gain back your confidence and your comfort with dentures that fit correctly. Missing teeth lead to structural bone loss in your jaw, which, in turn, leads to a sunken appearance. Unfortunately, a sunken jawline and increased wrinkles give people an older look. New You Dentures reverse this process by creating stronger teeth and giving your jaw structure.

The Right Dentures Structure Your Jaw

Your natural teeth support your jaw bone and vice versa. However, when you start losing teeth, your jaw deteriorates. In order to save your jaw bone, you must have a permanent, strong structure supporting it. In other words, you must rebuild your smile so it keeps your jaw from sagging.

New You Dentures support your smile and your jaw. One option for these dentures is to secure them with implant dentures. In this case, you have the ultimate security for your smile and your jawline. However, even if you use removable dentures, you will keep your teeth and your jaw secure. Since dental professionals developed them for effectiveness, the best technology and sharpest minds went into the process. With this advanced technology, you’re getting a beautiful new smile that restores and repairs.

Your Restorative Dentist for New You Dentures in River Edge, New Jersey

New You Dentures offer a nonsurgical facelift, preventing sagging jawlines and wrinkles. If you want to make the switch, speak to a restorative dentistry specialist at Marlen Elite Dental Wellness.

It takes special training to make dentures that both look great and fit well. Here in River Edge, Dr. Martirossian trained extensively in New You Dentures to ensure you get a beautiful and functional new smile. Schedule a consultation with our team by calling us at (201) 546-8512.