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Imagine the Perfect Smile With a Smile Makeover in River Edge

Your smile is your invitation, introduction, and ticket to the world. Beautiful smiles open doors and open hearts. Smiles both radiate and generate happiness and joy.

Do you wish your smile could dazzle like the smiles you see on TV, like a Hollywood smile? Well, you don't have to wish any longer. With our River Edge smile makeover, you can have a gorgeous new smile in just a few visits at Marlen Elite Dental Wellness. If you'd like to make any changes to your smile, talk to your dentist about a smile makeover. Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Marlen Martirossian, founder of Marlen Elite Dental Wellness, believes that your smile should be functional as well as beautiful. Our dental team will do everything we can to make you happy with your pearly whites. To schedule a consultation, give us a call at (201) 546-8512.

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What’s a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is exactly what it sounds like — a plan to recreate your smile. In other words, a smile makeover makes the repairs you need to leave our office with a bright, beautiful, celebrity smile.

The key word here is “plan.” A smile makeover is a comprehensive, customized, and personalized plan to enhance and even “reinvent” your smile in a way that satisfies you and attracts others. By “mixing and matching” the latest and most advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures and strategies, you and your dentist can work together to “max out” your smile! Improve the color of your teeth. Correct any dental alignment or spacing problems. Replace missing teeth. Even out the length and proportions of each tooth. Address any gum issues you may have.

We build your smile makeover plan specifically for your needs. When we perform a smile makeover our dentists will utilize one or more cosmetic dentistry treatments to make your smile perfect. Before we start treatment, we’ll talk with you about your smile goals. With that in mind, Dr. Martirossian will come up with a plan to make your smile fit your specific goals. With iTero digital scans and advanced technology, you’ll even get to see your future smile before we start making any changes.

With this advanced technology, we will know just what treatment will be the best option for you. Whether that means porcelain veneers, non prep veneers, Lumineers, dental crowns, or something else, a thorough digital scan will help our top cosmetic dentists provide the best choice for you.

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Smile Makeover Treatments

At your consultation for a smile makeover River Edge dentist, Dr. Marlen Martirossian, will discuss your smile goals. Depending on what you want, we'll help you decide which treatments will work best for your smile.

Choosing the right cosmetic dentistry practice is the most important decision you will make in optimizing your smile makeover. At Marlen Elite Dental Wellness, smile makeovers come courtesy of Dr. Martirossian, a leader in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Dr. Martirossian loves seeing his patients enjoy their new smiles and can't wait to help you achieve life-changing results.

Restoring your teeth

At Marlen Elite Dental Wellness, our mission is to make your teeth beautiful, healthy, and strong. That’s why we utilize the most advanced technology and the best methods to restore and repair. For instance, Marlen Elite Dental Wellness offers the most natural-looking and functional dental inlays and onlays to complete your smile by restoring teeth to their normal condition. One of the common treatments for restoration is dental crowns, porcelain veneers, or even a total smile makeover.

Correcting Chips and Cracks

Not only can our no-prep and porcelain veneers repair chips, cracks, and other aesthetic and structural imperfections for better functionality, but they can also deliver your ideal, radiant smile. Through our thorough assessment and meticulous planning process, you can rest assured that your results will be tailored uniquely to your needs and goals.

Teeth Whitening

During your makeover, you'll likely want teeth whitening in addition to other cosmetic solutions. One option for teeth whitening is dental veneers, which whiten while restoring your teeth. We can also provide professional teeth whitening services, using Zoom! Tooth Whitening to give you a dazzling smile. Our products and treatment applications can safely whiten your teeth by as many as eight shades!

Tooth Replacements

Whether you have missing teeth or severely decaying teeth, tooth replacements get your smile back on track. Here at Marlen Elite Dental Wellness, we offer a variety of tooth replacement options based on your needs and your budget. First, implant dentures securely replace missing teeth by fitting into your jaw. If you need an entire arch of teeth replaced, All-On-4 Dentures replace all of your teeth on just four dental implants. If you need just one or a couple of teeth replaced, individual dental implants can be a permanent tooth replacement option for you. Finally, traditional dentures are a modern and affordable option to replace one or multiple missing teeth.

The Benefits of a Smile Makeover

Generally, almost every patient of ours has at least one part of their smile that they are unhappy with.

Whether you want to fix discoloration, missing teeth, or worn teeth, a smile makeover will help. At Marlen Elite Dental Wellness we want to help you get the smile of your dreams and ensure your perfect smile. The benefits of a smile makeover are both aesthetic and functional. Your smile will be more functional by replacing missing teeth and repairing chipped or crooked teeth. Additionally, your smile will dazzle like a Hollywood smile after we make aesthetic changes. In the end, these cosmetic dentistry services will make you feel confident and proud.

A smile makeover can provide you with a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved self-confidence – A beautiful smile can do wonders for your self-confidence, whether that means having whiter teeth, lumineers, porcelain veneers, or another cosmetic procedure.
  • Better oral hygiene – Taking care of your teeth can help to improve your overall oral hygiene. When your smile feels and looks better, you're going to want to naturally keep up with your new whiter teeth.
  • A healthier mouth – When your teeth are healthy and well-cared for, it can lead to a healthier mouth overall. Dental crowns and dental bridges are excellent ways to improve the health of your mouth if you have cavities and missing teeth.
  • Improved social life – A great smile can help you to make new friends and have more fun in social situations. Some people feel held back by their smile, but with non prep veneers or a total smile makeover, you won't have a need to shy away.
  • Less stress – A healthy smile can help to reduce stress levels. Some people experience depression over gaps in the teeth, a gummy smile, small teeth, cavities, broken teeth, etc.
  • A more youthful appearance – If your teeth are stained or yellowed, this can help to give you a more youthful appearance.
  • Better physical health – Taking care of your teeth and mouth can lead to better physical health overall.
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Making a full commitment to regular oral hygiene will help you maintain your new smile for years to come.

Avoid highly abrasive toothpastes and brushing habits, and stay away from mouthwashes containing alcohol. Use alcohol-free mouthwashes instead. Regular flossing is critically important. Visit your dentist regularly for dental cleanings and exams and follow your dentist’s instructions to ensure the long-term beauty of your new smile!

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day – Ideally, you should brush your teeth after every meal to remove any food particles that may be stuck in your teeth. However, this is not always possible, so aim for at least twice a day.
  • Use floss or an interdental brush daily – Flossing aids in the removal of plaque and germs from between teeth, which your toothbrush may not be able to reach.
  • Use a mouthwash – Mouthwash can help to remove any remaining plaque and bacteria from your mouth, and it also leaves your breath feeling fresh.
  • Eat a healthy diet – Eating a healthy diet is important for your overall health, but it can also help to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Avoid sugary foods and drinks, as well as acidic foods that can damage your tooth enamel.
  • Quit smoking – Smoking is bad for your overall health, but it can also cause gum disease and tooth decay. If you smoke, quitting is one of the best things you can do for your oral health.
  • Visit your dentist regularly – Seeing your dentist every six months for a check-up and professional cleaning is the best way to maintain good oral health. Your dentist can spot any problems early on and treat them before they become serious.


Smile makeover costs will depend on the scope and goals of your customized smile makeover plan, as well as the state of your oral health. Have a full and open conversation with your dentist before beginning your treatment.

River Edge smile makeover specialist Dr. Marlen Martirossian

Your Smile Makeover Specialist in River Edge, NJ

We'll start by listening to you. We want to fully understand your needs, concerns, and goals. Patients at Marlen Elite Dental Wellness are scheduled one at a time. You will always receive our full and undivided attention. Our commitment is to guide and serve you "from consultation through transformation."

Dr. Marlen Martirossian is a certified member of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and has been annually recognized by the Consumers' Research Council as one of the country's top dentists. He believes that aesthetic dentistry must also always complement and elevate patients' overall health. Your smile should be fully functional but it should also give you a confidence boost daily. If your smile doesn't make you beam from ear to ear, aesthetic changes could benefit you. Instead of just putting up with your smile, enhance it. If you're interested in revamping your smile with a smile makeover, Dr. Martirossian can address any concerns you may have and answer questions during a consultation. Contact us to talk about your dream smile by calling us at (201) 546-8512.

Patient Testimonial

Consider this ringing endorsement and testimonial from a very satisfied Marlen Elite Dental Wellness patient.

"I had a wonderful experience at Elite Dental Wellness. Dr. Marlen is truly an artist and his friendly demeanor and true excitement (along with me!) for my new smile made it all the better. The staff that work in the office were helpful throughout the whole process, from Stephanie with my initial consultation and answering all my questions to Haide and Jennifer being hands on through the rest of the process. I have amazing results and would highly recommend to anyone who is considering Elite Dental Wellness - you won't regret it!"

- Karlee Ansons

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