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What are New You Cosmetic Dentures?

Our River Edge New You Dentures are innovative, hand-crafted dentures that not only restore your beautiful smile but actually improve and rejuvenate your facial appearance by supporting and contouring your jawline. New You Dentures wearers often say they feel they have received a “mini-facelift.” New You Dentures have the capacity to return your profile to its original shape and proportion, to both reflect and convey youth, health and confidence.

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What’s “new” about New You Cosmetic Dentures?

Economy dentures, though affordable, don’t always provide the most comfort or the best aesthetic outcomes. In particular, traditional dentures fall out easily since they don’t have a snug fit. Over time, economy dentures also give their wearers a sagging, sunken appearance.

New You Dentures will relax your muscles, improve your bite and elevate your jaw function. They provide facial support that will eliminate the “sunken-in” look that is a tell-tale sign of aging. Many New You Denture wearers say they now look and feel ten years younger. Conventional dentures replace teeth. New You Dentures additionally replace lost facial volume. Many of the features we associate with youth and health, like full lips, a defined profile, and full lower-facial features are lost with conventional dentures.

Tooth loss almost always leads to a decline in jawbone structure. Without the support of your teeth, your jawbone can shrink by up to 75 percent. That inevitably results in a hollow and sunken facial appearance. New You Dentures use your existing jawbone to create a bedrock, non-eroding foundation for your facial structure.

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Benefits and Advantages of New You Cosmetic Dentures

New You Dentures will:

Restore your youthful facial proportions

Give you a stronger and more defined profile

Support plump, full and healthy looking lips

Eliminate a “sunken” facial appearance

Enhance your smile

Improve your bite and chewing efficiency

Provide you with a long-lasting solution to tooth loss

The “lost art” of denture making

Traditional or conventional dentures have declined in quality by emphasizing low costs and mass production.

“One size fits all” is in fact “one size fits nobody.” No two mouths are alike. New You Dentures combine hand-crafted customization with advanced dental technologies. New You Dentures are all about “you.”

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Are you a candidate for New You Cosmetic Dentures?

Most people are able to receive New You Dentures if they are generally healthy. Prospective recipients of New You Dentures will be screened by 3D X-Ray imaging technology to determine if their jawbones have sufficient volume and density to proceed.

Choosing the right dentist

New You Dentures dentists have received rigorous, demanding, and specialized training. River Edge dentist Dr. Marlen Martirossian at Marlen Elite Dental Wellness is fully qualified and very experienced in providing this exciting new technique. If you want a comfortable, beautiful new smile, speak to your dental team at Marlen Elite Dental Wellness in River Edge. We provide different options based on affordability, comfort, and aesthetics. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Martirossian, call us at (201) 546-8512.

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How many office visits will I need?

The average patient requires three visits to complete the New You Dentures procedure.

Are your dentures uncomfortable?

Often, our clients make the switch to New You Dentures because their traditional dentures cause too many problems.

When dentures don’t fit properly or aren’t secure on your gums, they can be uncomfortable. In addition to discomfort, ill-fitting dentures can cause lisps or speech discrepancies. Unfortunately, our friends and family sometimes misconstrue these speech issues as signs of old age. With better dentures, you’ll take back your youthfulness. On the other hand, professional dental teams created New You Dentures specifically for comfort and reliability. Whether you use them as a removable or implant dentures, they will fit your mouth snugly, giving you a comfortable, beautiful smile.

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New You Dentures Make You Look and Feel Younger

Without the right set of dentures, chewing and eating are difficult. You may even have to take your dentures out to eat your favorite foods.

Both the discomfort of the dentures themselves and this lengthy process of removing dentures can make you feel older. Instead, feel young again with the support of New You Dentures. Gain back your confidence and your comfort with dentures that fit correctly. Missing teeth lead to structural bone loss in your jaw, which, in turn, leads to a sunken appearance. Unfortunately, a sunken jawline and increased wrinkles give people an older look. New You Dentures reverse this process by creating stronger teeth and giving your jaw structure.

The Right Dentures Structure Your Jaw

Your natural teeth support your jaw bone and vice versa. However, when you start losing teeth, your jaw deteriorates. In order to save your jaw bone, you must have a permanent, strong structure supporting it. In other words, you must rebuild your smile, so it keeps your jaw from sagging.

New You Dentures support your smile and your jaw. One option for these dentures is to secure them with dental implants. In this case, you have the ultimate security for your smile and your jawline. However, even if you use removable dentures, you will keep your teeth and your jaw secure. Since dental professionals developed them for effectiveness, the best technology and sharpest minds went into the process. With this advanced technology, you’re getting a beautiful new smile that restores and repairs.

Cost of New You Cosmetic Dentures

New You Dentures are not an “economy” product. But they provide a perfect fit and lasting durability and might be considered a bargain when compared with the costs of frequent and frustrating “re-do’s.” That level of satisfaction and peace of mind can be priceless. During your consultation, Dr. Martirossian will review your case and give you a personalized estimate for your procedure.

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Your Restorative Dentist for New You Cosmetic Dentures in River Edge, NJ

These cosmetic dentures offer a non-surgical facelift, preventing sagging jaw lines and wrinkles. If you're interested in restoring your smile with our New You Cosmetic Dentures River Edge dentist, Dr. Martirossian, can help. It takes special training to make dentures that both look great and fit well. Here in Marlen Elite Dental, Dr. Martirossian trained extensively in New You Dentures to ensure you get a beautiful and functional new smile. Schedule a consultation by calling us at (201) 546-8512 today!

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