Teeth Bleaching Corrects Stains

At Marlen Elite Dental Wellness, we use Zoom! Teeth Whitening to help our patients attain beautiful, whiter smiles. This method whitens by bleaching your teeth, which, in turn, removes organic molecules that stick to your enamel. Therefore, this method removes staining that comes from dark drinks such as coffee, tea, and wine. Additionally, we can remove stains from smoking and foods that stain, such as berries.

Unfortunately, we can’t remove all dark spots with professional teeth whitening. If you experience deep, dark stains that affect the inside of your tooth, you may need a different treatment. In these cases, we must assess the root of the problem. If you have dental decay, we will talk about restorative dentistry options including root canals. On the other hand, if you have genetic dark spots, you could be a perfect candidate for dental veneers.

What is Teeth Bleaching?

Our dental practice focuses on you and your needs. We know that nobody likes to spend more time than they need to in a dental chair. That’s why you can use Zoom! Teeth Whitening in the comfort of your own home.

During the process, you will bleach your teeth gradually and see results over time. Whitening your teeth this way allows you to perfect your smile without sudden, obvious changes.

First, we will create a custom tray to fit your teeth perfectly. Before you leave our office, we will ensure that your tray is a comfortable fit. Next, we’ll help you understand how to use your whitening tray, including instructions about timing and amount of bleaching solution. At first, you’ll use the whitening tray every night. However, once your smile is beautiful and white, you’ll only use your whitening tray on occasion to maintain your dazzling smile.

Never Use Over-the-Counter Tooth Whiteners

When you shop for over-the-counter teeth whitening products, you’re looking at products that don’t know your smile. In other words, that generic box that you pick up doesn’t know the sensitivity of your teeth and gums. Additionally, it doesn’t account for how many shades whiter you want your smile to be. On the other hand, your dentist knows you and your smile. Here at Marlen Elite Dental Wellness, we focus on your tooth and gum sensitivity while giving you a professional whitening product. We treat your smile to ensure comfort and effectiveness.

When you visit Dr. Martirossian for teeth whitening, you are choosing a treatment method that you know will work. Instead of wasting your money and time on yet another over-the-counter tooth whitening product, you’ll make an investment for your smile. This investment pays itself off in whitening effectiveness, and, therefore, self-confidence.

Additionally, if you use over-the-counter products, you’ll spend more money figuring out which products work rather than using professional whitening first. Instead of going to the pharmacy, visit your dentist to learn more about professional tooth whitening services.

Your Dental Team for Teeth Whitening in New Jersey

Whether you have general discoloration or dark stains on your teeth, Zoom! Teeth Whitening helps you remove your stains and feel confident again. If tooth whitening isn’t the perfect solution for your smile, your dental team will help you decide on other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Instead of heading to the nearest pharmacy, seek professional help about tooth whitening. To contact Dr. Martirossian at Marlen Elite Dental Wellness, call us at (201) 546-8512.