Braces are Your Solution to Smile Flaws

Some cosmetic dentistry treatments focus solely on aesthetics. On the other hand, many general dentistry practices only focus on the functional aspects of your smile. With braces, your cosmetic dentistry team can help with overcrowding, misalignment, gaps, and more.

Crooked or Misaligned Teeth

Crooked or misaligned teeth are especially bad for your bite because your teeth don’t line up naturally to chew your food. With misaligned teeth, you end up wearing down your teeth over time just from eating, talking, and sleeping.

Additionally, some of our patients hide their smiles due to crooked, misaligned teeth. With braces, we could increase your smile’s functionality while also giving you newfound confidence.

Gapped Teeth

Sometimes, gaps or spaces in your teeth are hereditary and in other cases, your habits can lead to gaps. For instance, if your kids suck their thumbs, they could develop gapped teeth.

Spaces can also form due to gum disease, which we would need to treat first, before applying braces to your smile. Whatever the case, correcting gaps could beautify your smile and mitigate any embarrassment. We recommend braces so that you can love your smile both for functionality and beauty.

Overcrowded Teeth

Some of our patients find that their teeth don’t grow into their smiles perfectly. In these cases, their teeth push together and create overcrowding. Much like with crooked teeth, people tend to hide their smiles when they experience overcrowding.

However, overcrowding affects much more than appearance. When your teeth push together, the overcrowding creates small spaces that are hard to clean. In other words, bacteria can form quickly, leading to quicker dental decay.

Underbites and Overbites

If you have an underbite or overbite, we can help you perfect your smile and look amazing with braces. With an uneven bite, you can wear down your teeth much easier. Additionally, an improper bite leads to jaw pain and headaches, which could make you uncomfortable on a regular basis. With the help of Dr. Martirossian, we can fix your underbite or overbite to boost your confidence and make your smile fully functional.

Traditional Braces Straighten and Correct Your Smile

When you visit us for any cosmetic dentistry treatment, we will first assess your smile and your smile goals. During this process, we’ll determine which treatment works best for your teeth.

If you choose to go forward with braces, we’ll then take x-rays of your teeth. Next, we’ll clean your teeth so we can apply adhesives and brackets to your smile. Once the brackets are in place, we attach a wire through the brackets in order to apply pressure to your teeth. This pressure ensures that your smile moves into place correctly. Small rubber bands keep the wire in place throughout your experience with traditional braces.

When you have braces, you must visit your dental team every four to six weeks to tighten the wires. This process keeps continuous pressure on your teeth, allowing them to move how we want them to. When your teeth are in an optimal position, we’ll remove your braces so you can show off your fabulous new smile.

After your braces are off, we’ll send you home with a retainer to keep your teeth in their proper position. To ensure that your teeth stay in place, we recommend wearing this retainer every night.

Your Dentist for Braces in River Edge, New Jersey

At Marlen Elite Dental Wellness, your dentist cares about you and your smile. When you visit us with an improper bite or cosmetic flaws, we’ll help you decide on the best treatment to correct your smile. If you’re considering braces or other cosmetic dentistry treatments, contact Dr. Martirossian by calling us at (201) 546-8512.