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Enhance your smile and your facial features with facial aesthetics in River Edge, NJ.

At Marlen Elite Dental Wellness, we care about your dazzling smile.

Not only that, but we also care about the facial features that make your smile shine. That’s why we focus on both your teeth and facial aesthetics to ensure a beautiful, healthy smile. When you treat yourself to our River Edge facial aesthetics and injectables, you will look and feel younger. Additionally, our treatments rejuvenate you to boost your self-confidence. If you want to discuss facial aesthetics, contact our aesthetician by calling us at (201) 546-8512.

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How do Injectables treatments relate to dentistry?

Your teeth are a vital part of your overall facial appearance. But think about it. Your face frames your teeth and your smile. So doesn’t it make sense to surround that dazzling new smile with a beautiful and more youthful facial “frame”?

Facial aesthetics through injectables is a new and exciting branch of cosmetic dentistry where dentists use their unique knowledge of how the face and jaw relate to provide top-notch injectable treatments. At Marlen Elite Dental Wellness in River Edge, injectables and dermal fillers can diminish lines and wrinkles and restore fullness and smoothness to your face; the perfect complement to your sparkling smile!

The Benefits of Facial Aesthetics

When you choose to enhance your features with facial aesthetics, you improve the appearance of your smile. In turn, any cosmetic dentistry enhancements allow for your facial aesthetics to flourish as well.

Facial aesthetic treatments can make you look decades younger. Additionally, if you routinely visit your aesthetician, your friends and family won’t notice a big change. Instead, they’ll want to know your secrets for looking so young and lively. Not only do facial aesthetics benefit your facial features but they also benefit your smile. With a saggy or drooping jaw, your smile will hide behind the wrinkles. On the other hand, a tight jawline and plump cheeks offer the perfect landscape for your smile. In addition to older features, a saggy jawline can lead to loose teeth. When your teeth loosen, they are more susceptible to falling out. Therefore, drooping jaws can eventually lead to missing teeth down the line.

Injection Services to Enhance Your Facial Appearance

When you visit your dental team, we care about you holistically. This includes your smile and your facial features. Your safety is of the utmost concern, as well. That’s why we use only the best treatments to enhance your natural features. With safe, effective injection services, you will look years younger.

Reduce Wrinkles in Minutes with Botox

Doctors and patients alike trust Botox to reduce wrinkles and improve facial appearances. This quick, 10-minute procedure is easy and comfortable for our patients. Additionally, our patients start to see the effects in just one to two days. When you receive our River Edge Botox injections, your face will remain beautifully and uniquely yours. You’ll just lessen your frown lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles along the way.

Juvederm smooths, contours and plumps your face

Juvederm is another quick and easy solution to natural aging effects. With this particular treatment, we can add contours to your face and tone your smile. Furthermore, plumping your cheeks and lips will ensure a younger look. Even better, Juvederm can smooth and soften your wrinkle lines to show off your gorgeous underlying bone structure.

Additional Reading

Hyaluronic acid is the “magic ingredient” in Juvederm. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar compound produced naturally by your body. It is critically important in moisturizing your skin, but its natural production decreases as we age. Boosting the amount of hyaluronic acid in your skin is highly effective in restoring youthful facial fullness, contour and elasticity.

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Your Aesthetician in River Edge, NJ

Marlen Elite Dental Wellness is the premier practice for cosmetic dentistry in River Edge. Injectables treatments with Dr. Martirossian are a safe and trustworthy way to improve your look and reduce the visible signs of aging.

Dr. Martirossian is a certified member of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has been annually cited by Consumer’s Research Council as one of the country’s top dentists. If you want to look younger with less effort, talk to your local aesthetician about facial aesthetic treatments. Here at Marlen Elite Dental Wellness, we’re happy to discuss our anti-aging solutions with you. To schedule a consultation, give us a call at (201) 546-8512.

Injection Safety

Dermal filler injections and other facial aesthetic procedures are considered very safe when prescribed and administered by highly-trained medical professionals. Never consider injecting yourself or letting an acquaintance inject you. Facial aesthetic treatments require the knowledge, training and precision of elite-level cosmetic dentists such as Dr. Marlen Martirossian.

Costs for Injectables

Costs will vary according to the number and sites of treatment areas. If you'd like detailed break-down of the cost of facial aesthetics River Edge dentist, Dr. Martirossian, can address that and any other question you have during a consultation. Schedule one today!

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